Based on the data that will be provided by this REGISTRY, we hope to raise awareness of ETON beyond our specialty. With proper documentation of cases, the issue of ETON can finally break out of the confines of the ophthalmic community and reach the individuals who have the best chances of catching and/or preventing ETON -- the doctors who are actually treating TB with these drugs. The eventual goal is to come up with official recommendatory practice guidelines on ETON to be jointly endorsed by the Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology (PAO), the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) and the Department of Health (DOH). Please take the time to submit your cases through any of the following means convenient to you (even with just one SMS informing us of a case in your clinic, we can reach you and/or your patient and do the paperwork ourselves):

Note: All information provided will be kept strictly confidential. Patient as well as physician privacy will be respected at all times in the course of data gathering.


You can report the occurrence of ETON in your clinic via a simple SMS. Simply send the following details to 0917-5285816:

  1. Name of EyeMD
  2. Clinic Tel #
  3. Mobile #
We will get in touch with your clinic and gather pertinent details about the case at minimal inconvenience to you.